CO2 Flooding US Gulf Coast reservoirs

September 4th, 2018

There is a significant opportunity for CO2 flooding of depleted oil reservoirs along the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana.  Louisiana salt dome fields have high API gravity oil and are deep enough that miscibility can be achieved.  There are 33 fields which have produced over 100 million barrels of oil and many of these fields are nearing depletion and can be acquired at low cost.  There are also a significant numberof industrial plants which are emitting CO2 and can provide the necessary supply of CO2 to inject.  The Phillips 66 Alliance Refinery in Belle Chase, LA, emitted 122 MMCFPD of CO2 during 2016.  The Big Cajun 2 plant in New Roads, LA, emitted 279 MMCFPD of CO2 during 2016 and could have the capacity for 589 MMCFPD based upon EPA reporting.  There are 33 fields which have produced over 100 million barrels of oil in South Louisiana.  The State of Louisiana waives the 12.5% severance tax on EOR projects until payout, and in the State waters they may waive the State royalties until payout.  This provides an enormous incentive to conducting EOR.


Texas Gulf Coast Opportunities

The Gulf Coast of Texas also offers a significant opportunity for CO2 flooding conventional reservoirs, such as the salt dome and barrier island fields in the Miocene, Frio, and Wilcox sands.   Very high cumulative production has been made in the Bay City, Bryan (Woodbine), Conroe, East Texas, Hastings, Magnet Withers, Manvel, Thompson, Tom O'Connor, Webster, and West Ranch fields to name a few. 

The unconventional development of the Eagleford shale could, perhaps, offer the greatest potential for CO2 flooding.  This area south of San Antonio extends for approximately 200 miles and has incredible oil production.  Avasthi & Associates, Inc. (A&A) can analyze this formation to look at the impact of imbibition with water injection and potential EOR reserves using CO2.  There are a significant number of industrial sources of CO2 along this trend which can be used for injection.  With oil recoveries of less than 10% OOIP, a large target exists.

A&A can help your organization determine potential candidates for CO2 flooding and locating CO2 supplies which may be available.  We would be happy to discuss these opportunities with you.


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