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Our professional reservoir consultants have extensive experience conducting integrated, multi-disciplinary oil & gas reservoir exploitation studies. Our consultants, using state-of-the-art reservoir simulation software, develop dynamic reservoir models that predict future reservoir performance under various operating scenarios, and conduct sensitivity studies to determine the optimum technical and economic reservoir exploitation plan.

Most of the reservoir consulting services that we provide are described in this section. We welcome inquiries about challenging assignments from around the world. Our reservoir consultants' extensive expertise includes, but is not limited to the following (click on each topic below to read more about it):


To put the high-level and seasoned consultants of the A&A Consulting Team to work on your company's challenging reservoir analysis, reservoir characterization, reservoir evaluation, reservoir simulation/dynamic-modeling, Integrated Asset Modeling (IAM), EOR/IOR, CO2 EOR, and all other reservoir related projects, please Contact Us.


Reservoir Characterization

Reservoir characterization is a vitally important consideration for every aspect of development and production of oil & gas fields. Reservoir characterization is used in new as well as mature oil & gas fields to determine:

  • Reservoir architecture
  • Oil & gas in-place

Our experienced geosciences and reservoir consultants use state-of-the-art software to create integrated, multi-disciplinary static reservoir models that are necessary for the development of dynamic reservoir models to:

  • Predict future reservoir performance
  • Determine optimal production techniques
  • Maximizing production rates and reserves
  • Minimize cost

Reservoir Simulation

Reservoir simulation (modeling) is used to manage the uncertainty in drilling and production scenarios. Our reservoir simulation consultants create dynamic 3D models, representing the fluid and rock properties, allowing for future reservoir performance predictions under various operating scenarios.

Our consultants also conduct sensitivity studies to determine the most optimum reservoir exploitation scheme, technically and economically, to provide a more accurate estimate of oil & gas reserves.

Our consultants' extensive reservoir simulation expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Conducting black oil, PVT/ phase behavior/ complex reservoir fluid characterization/ compositional, naturally fractured, heavy oil and thermal reservoir simulation studies, using commonly used commercial reservoir simulators (such as ECLIPSE, VIP, CMG, MORE, etc.)
  • Conducting gas-condensate/ volatile oil reservoir development studies (gas cycling/ pressure maintenance to accelerate/ maximize liquid production, LNG and LPG production rate and recovery forecasting)
  • Conducting CO2 flooding, hydrocarbon-gas flooding, steam flooding, or Nitrogen injection enhanced oil recovery (EOR) studies

Integrated Asset Modeling (IAM)

While conventional optimization involves isolated studies of facilities, wells, and reservoirs, integrated asset modeling (IAM) brings together all of the interested parties (reservoir, well inflow, wellbore, pipeline, and compressor models) to create an integrated, optimal solution based on realistic projections consistent with facilities, well, and reservoir constraints. Integrated asset modeling software models can create complete production system from reservoir to surface network.

Our professional integrated asset modeling (IAM) consultants with extensive experience in IAM projects are available for conducting:

  • Reservoir and production system integrated asset modeling (IAM) studies of gas and gas-condensate fields, using MBAL, GAP, PROSPER, ECLIPSE-PIPESIM, PIPER, and other commonly used reservoir and production software
  • Nodal analysis using PROSPER or another commonly used software
  • Gas lift allocation/ optimization studies
  • Pipeline and flow-line modeling studies (using PIPEPHASE, PIPESIM, PROSPER, HYSIS, PRO II, ASPEN PLUS, COREL DRAW, and CHEMCAD software)
  • Evaluation and optimization of gas compression and operating strategies for gas and gas-condensate fields
  • Evaluation and optimization of oil and gas field surface facilities network
  • Gas-well de-liquification studies

Improved/ Enhanced Oil Recovery (IOR/ EOR)

It has been estimated that primary and secondary production methods of oil recovery may leave behind as much as 78% of the original oil-in-place. The challenge is that the remaining oil is often located in regions of the reservoir that are difficult to access, held in the pores by capillary pressure.

Our Improved/ Enhanced Oil Recovery (IOR/ EOR) consultants have extensive experience in IOR/ EOR projects and in developing improved methods for recovering oil from petroleum reservoirs beyond what is recoverable by primary and secondary methods. Our consultants' extensive experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Improved waterflood project design
  • Trouble-shooting, evaluation and optimization of mature waterfloods
  • Simulation studies for COflooding, hydrocarbon gas flooding, Nitrogen injection, chemical flooding, and steam flooding (and other thermal) EOR projects
  • EOR pilot-test and field-wide project design, evaluation and optimization
  • Well profile modification studies for optimizing waterflood and CO2 flood projects
  • Reservoir surveillance and management for primary, secondary and tertiary oil recovery projects

Each percentage point of improvement in oil recovery can unlock vast amounts of oil reserves (and production) from known reservoirs.


In addition to conducting state-of-the-art studies of EOR projects for our clients, our seasoned EOR consultants teach public courses (for the SPE), and conduct customized training workshops for our clients, around the world, on the following EOR topics:

  • Practical Aspects of CO2 Flooding EOR and Geosequestration
  • Practical Aspects of Thermal EOR

At the request of our clients, our seasoned EOR consultants are also developing a customized training workshop on the following topic:

  • Practical Aspects of Chemical EOR


The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) suggests that wide-scale implementation of next-generation CO2 EOR technology developments has the potential to increase the efficiency of US oil recovery from approximately 33% to more than 60%. The challenge is to control the behavior of the injected gas.

Our consultants conduct simulation studies to analyze the mobility and sweep of the injected gas and predict future reservoir production performance under different potential operating scenarios using state-of-the-art PVT/ compositional reservoir simulations.

Our experienced CO2 EOR Reservoir Simulation, Geomechanics, and Production Consultants have more than 30 years of experience working on CO2 EOR projects and are available for conducting all aspects of CO2 EOR studies, including, but not limited to:

  • CO2 EOR pilot-test and field wide project design, evaluation and optimization
  • Well profile modification studies for optimizing CO2 flood EOR projects
  • Geomechanics studies for optimizing CO2 flood EOR projects
  • Reservoir surveillance and management studies for CO2 flood EOR projects

CO2 Geosequestration

Choosing the right storage site is critical for managing the uncertainties and for minimizing the risks associated with CO2 storage. Our CO2 geosequestration consultants analyze your data and create state-of-the-art models to examine geochemical and geomechanical processes, simulate and test a range of scenarios to determine:

  • Site selection

    : Analytical and simulation studies for CO2 sequestration in depleted oil & gas fields, saline reservoirs, and unmineable coal beds, to determine:
    • Total storage capacity
    • Injection rates
    • Secure and permanent containment
  • Storage performance

    : Screening and comparison for optimum CO2 sequestration project:
    • Design
    • Evaluation
    • Optimization
  • Risk mitigation

    : Capture CO2 and inject it into deep underground geologic formations securely, efficiently and permanently.

Reserves Determination

The most important factor in reserves determination is the experience and knowledge of the evaluator. Our reserves consultants have extensive experience in reserves determination, creating and comparing both deterministic and probabilistic methods to ensure the highest quality, most accurate estimate, by conducting:

  • Reserves determination studies using classical as well as 3D-seismic interpretation, geological and geophysical modeling, reservoir analysis and simulation, and deterministic and probabilistic methods
  • Oil & gas reserves certification studies

Economic and Risk Analysis

Development and operation of oil and gas production facilities requires an enormous investment of time, money, and technology. Therefore, a thorough understanding of economic issues and associated risks (technological, economic and political) is critical.

Companies that employ sound risk assessment and risk management practices have a better track record of achieving their project goals on-time and within-budget. Our experienced economic and risk analysis consultants have extensive industry experience and are available for conducting:

  • Economic evaluation and risk analysis
  • Divestment/ acquisition (project evaluation, bid/ sale offer document preparation, data room preparation or data review, sales contract preparation and negotiation, and due-diligence audit of production records, field operations and facilities)
  • Prospect evaluation using state-of-the-art software



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