Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Improved Oil Recovery (IOR)  


It has been estimated that primary and secondary production methods of oil recovery may leave behind as much as 78% of the original oil-in-place. The challenge is that the remaining oil is often located in regions of the reservoir that are difficult to access, held in the pores by capillary pressure.

Our EOR/IOR consultants have extensive experience in EOR/IOR projects and in developing improved methods for recovering oil from petroleum reservoirs beyond what is recoverable by primary and secondary methods. Our consultants' extensive project experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Improved waterflood project design
  • Trouble-shooting, evaluation and optimization of mature waterfloods
  • Analytical and simulation studies for COflooding, hydrocarbon gas flooding, Nitrogen injection, chemical flooding,  and steam flooding (and other thermal) EOR projects
  • EOR pilot-test and field-wide project design, evaluation and optimization
  • Well profile modification studies for optimizing waterflood and CO2 flood projects
  • Reservoir surveillance and management for primary, secondary and tertiary oil recovery projects

Each percentage point of improvement in oil recovery can unlock vast amounts of oil reserves (and production) from known reservoirs.

In addition to conducting state-of-the-art studies of EOR projects for our clients, our seasoned EOR consultants teach public courses (for the SPE), and conduct customized training workshops for our clients, around the world, on the following EOR topics:

  • Practical Aspects of CO2 Flooding EOR and Introduction to CO2 Geosequestration
  • Practical Aspects of Thermal EOR
  • Practical Aspects of Chemical EOR

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