Ethanol Production Projects (Combined with CCUS)


45Q Tax Credit is a great opportunity for ethanol producers to monetize the CO2 emissions produced during fermentation. But to qualify for this tax credit, the CO2 emissions must be captured, and then that captured CO2 must either be stored underground in secure geologic formations or used for CO2 enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects, or utilized in other projects that permanently sequester/store CO2.

The seasoned consultants of A&A Consulting Team are available to help ethanol producers on ALL aspects of their ethanol emissions related 45Q Tax Credit projects, to take full advantage of this tax credit opportunity, by providing state-of-the-art consulting services whenever requested.

To put the high-level and seasoned consultants, subject matter experts (SME), of A&A Consulting Team to work on your company's ethanol emissions related 45Q Tax Credit projects, please contact us.  




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