Energy Transition Consulting


To contibute to sustainable development of the planet facing the climater challenge, energy companies, around the world, are moving towards energy transition, and A&A Consulting Team of high-level and seasoned consultants, and collaborators, are helping them in achieving their corprate objectives, by providing them state-of-the-art consulting services, and/or by conducting customized training courses/workshops for their managers and professionals, to bring them up to speed on the new challenges of energy transition.

Energy transition means transitioning from higher carbon energy sources to lower carbon energy sources and NOT away from fossil fuels:

  • This will be achieved through the reduction of carbon emissions from fossil fuels and the ADDITION of other forms of energy (wind, solar, nuclear, and hydrogen etc.) as the world population, and the resulting global energy demand, continues to increase.
  • That is, fossil fuels production will (and must) continue to rise for decades to come to meet global energy demand but with lower carbon emissions.
  • In addition to the increasing global energy demand due to the increasing world population,  the increasing energy demand due to the modern INNOVATIONS, such as the following will require reliable and affordable fossil fuel energy for a long time:

               > Artificial Intelligence (AI)

               > Internet/Cloud Computing

               > Robotics

               > Drones

               > Quantum Computing

               > Biotechnology

               > New industries – not yet imagined!

  • According to The Wall Street Journal (December 16, 2023), “AI is ravenous for energy. Can it be satisfied?”: The revolution in artificial intelligence (AI) may soon require more electricity than all electric vehicles combined. Some experts project that global electricity consumption for AI systems could soon require adding the equivalent of a small country’s worth of power generation to our planet.”
  • That is, fossil fuels production will (and must) continue to rise for decades to come to meet global energy demand but with lower carbon emissions.


February 21, 2024 news item: According to Meg O’Neill, the Chief Executive Officer at Woodside Energy, “More people now understand it’s impossible for energy grids to run solely on renewables because the sun doesn’t always shine, and the wind doesn’t always blow. With this, awareness is building about the role gas can play in backing up energy grids powered by renewables. It is affordable and reliable and offers a lower-carbon alternative to coal, when used to generate electricity. It’s for these reasons we at Woodside Energy have a deep conviction gas will be a necessary part of the global energy mix for decades to come and it’s why we are continuing to grow our LNG business.”  That is being very realistic!


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