Third-party Review and Assessment Services


Avasthi & Associates, Inc. (A&A) Consulting Team of high-level and seasoned consultants helps our clients to meet their needs for accurate and reliable review and assessment of the work that has been done by them in-house (and/or for them by other consulting and/or service companies), before making major CCS/CCUS, oil & gas field development planning (FDP), CO2 EOR/EGR, and related investment decisions. We conduct third-party review and asssessment studies for some of the world's largest oil & gas operating companies, which rely on us for accurate, reliable, and unbiased third-party review and asssessment of their CCS/CCUS, FDP, CO2 EOR/EGR, and the estimates of reserves, production rates and costs, as well as their other proprietary project information and data.

Confidence in the accuracy of work done by the seasoned consultants of the A&A Consulting Team has been earned over time by the wealth of third-party studies validating ethical treatment of client’s proprietary project information and data, and accuracy, and superior quality of work on each project by the A&A Consulting Team.

In 2015, A&A Consulting Team celebrated 25th anniversary of providing state-of-the-art consulting, and customized training, services to the worldwide oil & gas industry. To mark that occasion, the 'World Oil' magazine editors visited us at our Kingwood, Texas, office and published that interview of Dr. Sam Avasthi in 'Innovative Thinkers' column of the magazine's February 2015 issus. To read that column, please click here 

To put the seasoned consultants, subject matter experts (SME), of the A&A Consulting Team to work on your company's confidential third-party review and assessment projects (review and assessment of the work that has been done by your company in-house, and/or for your company by other consulting and/or service companies), please Contact Us

A&A is TOTALLY Independent, it is here to provide solutions to its clients’ challenging problems, not to sell or promote any hardware or software products, or chemicals, or logging, drilling, completion, laboratory, or operating services of any kind whatsoever. 

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