Asset Optimization

Onshore or offshore, Avasthi Consulting can quantify the opportunity, identify and define the challenges, then offer customized, holistic technical and commercial solutions for asset optimization that meet clients' objectives, constraints and drivers.

Throughout the entire lifecycle of the reservoir - from locating hydrocarbons and managing geological data to drilling and formation evaluation, well construction, completion, and production - Avasthi Consulting solves the right problems, the right way.

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Field Appraisal

Whether a new exploration has just proven successful or you are looking to increase recovery and optimize a mature field, the asset must be accurately assessed to determine its true value, impact of geological uncertainties, and the appropriate plans for optimization, by conducting some or all of the following:

  • Integrated reservoir geosciences analysis including:
    • Geological
    • Petrophysical
    • Geostatistical
    • Geochemical
    • Geophysical/ Seismic
  • Geomechanical analysis
  • Reservoir evaluation and engineering studies
  • Reservoir simulation studies (black oil, PVT/ compositional or thermal)


Field Development Planning

Accurate analysis of reservoir and field data is critical for optimal field development planning and development. Avasthi Consulting provides state-of-the-art reservoir modeling services to identify the structure and properties of the hydrocarbon accumulation, to efficiently accommodate these factors in surface facilities, and to project lifecycle cost of the field development.

Avasthi Consulting provides the following services for field development planning:

  • Geomechanics analysis
  • Reservoir characterization
  • Geocellular modeling
  • Reservoir simulation studies (black oil, PVT/ compositional, and thermal)


Field Production Optimization

Field production optimization requires proactive asset management systems that continuously detect, diagnose, and remedy production problems, and improve operational performance. Avasthi Consulting provides comprehensive, flexible solutions built on industry-leading technologies that improve performance, reduce the risk of unexpected drilling costs, and boost overall recovery.

Avasthi Consulting provides the following services for field production optimization:

  • Geomechanics analysis
  • Reservoir simulation studies (black oil, PVT/ compositional and thermal)
  • Reserves estimation and economic analysis
  • Reservoir management and surveillance
  • Improved/ enhanced oil recovery (IOR/ EOR) studies including:
    • Gas/ CO2 EOR
    • Chemical EOR
    • Thermal EOR
  • Enhanced gas recovery (EGR) studies
  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS)/ CO2 geosequestration studies
  • Production engineering/ optimization studies
  • Fracturing stimulation/ quality control studies
  • Facilities engineering/ optimization studies
  • Integrated asset modeling (IAM) studies including:
    • Gas field performance optimization to increase gas production rates and reserves
    • Gas-condensate field performance optimization to increase condensate production rates and reserves
    • Volatile oil field performance optimization to increase oil production rates and reserves
    • Oil field performance optimization to increase oil production rates and reserves
  • Mature oil field revitalization to increase oil production rates and reserves
  • Maximum efficient rate (MER) studies to ensure efficient exploitation of oil, gas and gas-condensate field assets
  • Naturally fractured reservoir studies
  • Heavy oil reservoir studies
  • Subsurface waste disposal/ slurry fracture injection (SFI) well design
  • Risk/ uncertainty/ economic analysis


Other Consulting Services

Avasthi Consulting also provides the following consulting services:

  • Unconventional gas resources development/ Shale gas/ Coal-bed methane (CBM)/ N2 and/or CO2 enhanced coal-bed methane (ECBM) recovery studies
  • Unconventional oil resources/ underground coal gasification (UCG) studies
  • Gas-to-liquid (GTL) studies
  • Customized software development
  • Customized training
  • Management consulting (production/ risk sharing, contracts/ agreements, acquisitions and divestitures)
  • Research and analysis


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