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Litigation Support/ Expert Witness Testimony/ Arbitration/ Production Sharing Contracts (PSC)   

Our high-level and seasoned consultants are experienced experts in a broad range of issues that involve the oil & gas industry and are available to serve as testifying experts or as purely consulting experts in cases that are either currently in litigation or in a pre-litigation or in a potential/ threatened litigation status or in arbitration in venues around the world.  Dr. Sam Avasthi and Dr. Jay Avasthi both hold doctorate degrees in engineering disciplines that directly involve the oil & gas industry, and all other high-level and seasoned consultants of A&A Consulting Team have either advanced degrees or have baccalaureate degrees in a broad range of oil & gas related fields including petroleum engineering, petrophysics, geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering, mining engineering, natural gas engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and other oil & gas related fields. Our seasoned consultants do not simply have academic credentials but have years of day-to-day practical experience in the oil & gas industry and many are licensed Professional Engineers (PEs) or Professional Geologists (PGs).

Before signing any Production Sharing Contract (PSC), let A&A Consulting Team of high-level and seasoned consultants review it thoroughly and advise you on changes that your company should require, so that later there is no question by any party, court or arbitration panel about "misreading and misrepresentation of key elements of the PSC".

To put A&A Consulting Team of high-level and seasoned consultants to work on your company's legal, or in arbitration, matters, please Contact Us. We could save your company Billions!


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