Underground Coal Gasification (UCG)


Our professional underground coal gasification (UCG), mining engineering, and geomechanics consultants with extensive hands-on experience in UCG projects are available for conducting:

  • All aspects of UCG studies
  • Fischer Tropsch (FT) product upgrading
  • Hazardous operability assessment (HAZOP)
  • Process safety management (PSM)
  • State-of-the-art thermal reservoir simulation studies of UCG projects

Early in his oil industry career, during the seventies and eighties, while in employment of Gulf Oil Corporation, Dr. Jay Avasthi was involved in conducting Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) pilot-tests in Rawlins, Wyoming, U.S.A. He authored/co-authored several technical papers on geomechanics aspects of those pilot-tests, and those papers are published in peer-reviewed technical journals and UCG Symposium Proceedings.

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