Shale Resources consulting

Feasibility Studies for Shale Resources Assessment and Evaluation (of Basin, Play, Field, Acreage or Lease)

Field Development Planning (FDP)


The high-level and seasoned consultants of A&A Consulting Team have been working on shale resources asessment and evaluation projects for more than fifteen years, and we can conduct state-of-the-art feasibility studies for your company's shale resources around the world. 

A&A Consulting Team’s shale resources assessment and evaluation capabilities include analyzing the geological data, mapping the reservoir parameters, estimating the resource potential, and analyzing the production performance. This work can be carried out either at basin or play level or on acreage basis (composed of various leases on a portfolio made of a number of areas). We can consolidate all the field studies, generate a notional field development plan (FDP), and provide the reserves and economic value of the field.  

The depth and breadth of technical and economic expertise of A&A Consulting Team will be reflected in a comprehensive report of our investigation of your company’s shale resources assessment and evaluation project. The report will be customized to meet your company requirements, and, depending upon the type and amount of the project data provided to us for investigation, our feasibility report could include the following:

1.    Overview

a.     Field History

b.     Leases Available

c.     Major Geographic Terrains

2.    Geology

a.     Stratigraphy

b.     Gross Depositional Environments

c.     Reservoir Quality

d.     Core and Pores Data

3.    Geochemistry

a.     TOC (Total Organic Content)

b.     Maturity

c.     Rock Evaluation Pyrolysis

d.     Hydrocarbon Source Potential

e.     Adsorbed Component

f.      Fluid Type

4.    Geophysics

a.     Seismic Mapping

b.     Attribute Mapping

5.    Petrophysics

a.     Mineralogical Analysis

b.     Log Analysis for TOC, Porosity and Sw

c.     Permeability Estimation

6.    Geomechanics

a.     Poisson's Ratio

b.     Young's Modulus

c.     Brittleness Index

d.     Stress direction

7.    Reservoir Mapping

a.     Storage

b.     Deliverability

c.     Fracability

d.     Hydrocarbon In-Place Volume

8.    Reservoir Performance

a.     Reservoir Pressure

b.     DFIT

c.     Reservoir Fluid

d.     Rate Transit Analysis (RTA)

e.     Production Forecast

9.    Hydraulic Fracture Modeling

a.     Net Pressure

b.     Conductivity

c.     Frac Heights and Frac Lengths

10. Resource and Reserves

11. Economic Value


Whenever requested, we will be delighted to present the results of our investigation of your company’s shale resources assessment and evaluation project, not only to your company's management, but also to your company's equity partners, and/or financial institutions, and/or the appropriate regulatory authorities, for their approval, and answer any questions that they may have on the results of our investigation and the generated notional field development plan (FDP).


In addition, we will be delighted to conduct customized training workshops on shale resources assessment and evaluation of basin, play, field, acreage or lease, and generating a notional field development plan (FDP), for the benefit of your company’s professionals and managers, at your company’s offices, around the world.


To put our high-level and seasoned consultants, subject matter experts (SME), to work on your company's shale resources assessment and evaluation projects, around the world, please contact us.  We could save your company Billions!

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