Full-time Opportunities for working with us

We welcome résumés from experienced oil & gas industry engineering and geosciences professionals, training specialists, software development professionals, and research & analysis professionals interested in exploring opportunities of working with us on full-time, part-time or contract basis.

We are an equal opportunity and afffirmative action employer. If you have a distinguished academic record (preferably with a Master's or a Doctorate degree in engineering or geosciences) followed by at least ten-plus years of oil & gas industry experience working with major oil & gas producing companies, excellent written and oral communication skills in English, and you are an expert user of the state-of-the-art software in your areas of technical expertise, then we will like to hear from you. If, in addition to English, you are fluent in Spanish or Portuguese or French or Russian, we will consider that a plus, since we are a worldwide energy consulting company.

Available Full-time Positions


We are presently looking for several experienced oil & gas industry professionals to fill full-time positions with us or with our clients (major oil & gas producing companies).

To know more about the available full-time positions, please browse the current openings listed below, and if you have necessary qualifications and experience for any of the following positions, then to submit your resume, please  Contact Us.

Contact: +1-281-359-2674 or send us an e-mail

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