NODAL Analysis 


The seasoned consultants of the A&A Consulting Team have extensive experience in conducting NODAL analysis, using industry standard NODAL analysis software (PROSPER, T-Navigator, HYSYS), of CO2 injection wells in CCS/CCUS and CO2 EOR projects, as well as of production wells producing high CO2 content fluid, using ESPs, in CO2 EOR projects  

In addition to providing state-of-the-art consulting, whenever requested, the seasoned NODAL Analysis Consultants of the A&A Consulting Team also conduct customized training workshops on the following topics:

(1) NODAL Analysis of CO2 Injection wells in CCS/CCUS or CO2 EOR projects

(2) NODAL Analysis of production wells producing high CO2 content fluid, using ESPs, in CO2 EOR projects  

To put the high-level and seasoned NODAL analysis consultants, and other subject matter experts (SME), of A&A Consulting Team to work on your company's challenging CCS/CCUS or CO2-EOR projects, please Contact Us.



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