Metallurgical / Material Selection and Corrosion Control Consulting and Training Services

Metallurgical Consulting

Our high-level and seasoned mettalurgical consultants are available to recommend more efficient materials, processes or application modifications for our clients' products with the objective of:

  • Improving quality, reliability and safety of the products
  • Reducing costs for materials and processes involved





OCTG and Line Pipe Manufacturing

OCTG (SM and ERW) and Line Pipe 

  • Improve or develop high collapse, control yield or sour service pipes for H2S and/or CO2 environments
  • Coordination of trials for new steel suppliers, new products or validation of the process parameters
  • Operational Procedures and process improvements
  • Setting of Welding and Heat treatment process
  • Heat Treating Evaluations and Troubleshooting to improve the quality of heat treated products
  • Qualification of production route for sour service material according to NACE MRO-175/ISO 15156-1
  • Root cause of operational issues, flattening failures, hydro-blow-outs, etc.




Improvement of Metallurgical Laboratory

  • Procedures for lab test (Charpy/ Tensile/ Hardness/ Micro-hardness/ Spectrometer/ Collapse/ Roughness/ Metallography) according to ASTM, API and ISO Standards
  • Equipment selection and data handling (Level 2, and statistics trends)


Material Selection for H2S and/or CO2 Environments

  • Corrosive environments with H2S and/or CO2 for oil and gas wells
  • CO2 injection with alternate water/WAG injection
  • Very high-salinity water/WAG (CO2) injection
  • Processes and application modifications to prevent product failure
  • Witness of lab validation for sour service material
  • Qualification of manufactured products for sour service according to NACE MRO-175/ISO 15156-1
  • Witness of routine metallurgical testing & analysis of results
  • Coordination of corrosion testing & analysis of results
  • Technical support for interpretation of optical and SEM microscope results
  • Coordination of field evaluation of casing/tubing/down-hole components, and christmas trees


Welding Assessment of Carbon and Low Alloy Steel

  • Welding Assessments of SMAW, SAW, MIG and TIG for carbon and low alloy steel
  • Welding Procedures
  • Welding Qualification
  • Welding Inspection
  • Welding Classes
  • Witness for Fracture Mechanics and CTOD tests for welding line pipe


Failure Analysis of Casing, Tubing, Drill pipe and Couplings

  • Failure analysis investigations to determine the cause and prevention of equipment and component, line pipe, casing, tubing, drill pipes, and couplings
  • Determination of failure mode of materials (Ductile, brittle, SSC, fatigue, quench crack) and manufacturing process (welding and heat treatment) to identify the root cause of the problem
  • Conduct on-site investigation and laboratory test, including SEM


Technical Support for Procurement

Technical support for material Procurement of OCTG/Line Pipe and Christmas Trees

  • Evaluation of product or raw material suppliers
  • Development of product specifications
  • Manufacturing surveillance services, supervision and monitoring  of manufacturing processes, Threading, Heat Treatment, Welding, inspection and testing processes


Metallurgy Training Classes

  • Fundamentals of casing and tubing string design
  • Basic physical Metallurgy of API Steel for OCTG, Line pipe and Drill Pipe.
  • Material selection for oil and gas wells with H2S and CO2
  • Material selection for oil wells for CO2 and high-salinity water/ WAG injection EOR projects
  • Metallurgy of Welding and Heat Treatment for ERW pipes
  • Welding Metallurgy for Carbon and Low Alloy Steels
  • Failure analysis for pipes and connections
  • Lab Test Fundamentals
  • Tensile Test Fundamentals
  • Charpy Test Fundamentals
  • Hardness and Micro-hardness test
  • Metallography Test Theory
  • Optical Emission Spectrometry
  • Collapse test Fundamental


Our mettalurgical / material selection and corrosion control consultants work with our other EOR/IOR specialists/consultants, as part of our multi-disciplinary project teams, to provide guidance on material selection for oil wells in CO2 and high-salinity water/WAG injection EOR projects of our clients, whenever requested.

To put our high-level and seasoned mettalurgical / material selection and corrosion control consultants to work on your challenging onshore and offshore EOR/IOR projects, around the world, please Contact Us.

Bi-lingual (English-Spanish) consultants are also available.



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