Integrated Asset Modeling (IAM)


While conventional optimization involves isolated studies of facilities, wells, and reservoirs, integrated asset modeling (IAM) brings together all of the interested parties (reservoir, well inflow, wellbore, pipeline, and compressor models) to create an integrated, optimal solution based on realistic projections consistent with facilities, well, and reservoir constraints. Integrated asset modeling (IAM) software models can create complete production system from reservoir to surface network.

Our professional integrated asset modeling (IAM) consultants with extensive experience in IAM projects are available for conducting:

  • Reservoir and production system integrated asset modeling (IAM) studies of gas and gas-condensate fields, using MBAL, GAP, PROSPER, RESOLVE, IMEX, GEM, ECLIPSE, PIPESIM, PIPER, and other commonly used reservoir engineering, production engineering, pipeline engineering, and other necessary, software
  • Network Modeling: Building / Modifying / Upgrading / Updating of Network Models
  • Nodal analysis using PROSPER or another commonly used software
  • Nodal analysis (using PROSPER) for CO2 EOR projects: ESP and High CO2 Content Fluids Modeling
  • Gas lift allocation/ optimization studies
  • Pipeline and flow-line modeling studies (using PIPEPHASE, PIPESIM, PROSPER, HYSIS, PRO II, ASPEN PLUS, COREL DRAW, and CHEMCAD software)
  • Evaluation and optimization of gas compression and operating strategies for gas and gas-condensate fields
  • Evaluation and optimization of oil and gas field surface facilities network
  • Gas-well de-liquification studies


To put our high-level and seasoned IAM consultants to work on your challenging onshore and offshore oil and gas field optimization projects, IOR/EOR projects, and unconventional resources/ shale gas and tight oil field projects, around the world, please Contact Us.


A&A Consulting Team teachs the popular one-day course on 'Optimizing Gas Fields using Integrated Asset Modeling (IAM), and Introduction to Optimizing Shale Gas and Tight Oil Fields', whenever requested by the clients, at their offices, around the world.  To read the course outline, please click here.

For the benefit of A&A consulting services clients, A&A Consulting Team also conducts 5-day customized training workshops on this and related topics at A&A clients' offices, around the world, whenever mutually convenient.  To schedule one of these customized training workshops at your company's office, please contact us.

Bi-lingual (English-Spanish and English-Portuguese) consultants and instructors are also available.





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