Facilities and Surface Systems Consultants 

High-level and seasoned facilities and surface systems consultants of A&A Consulting Team have extensive experience working on onshore and offshore EOR/IOR facilities and surface systems projects, around the world. Their expertise includes, but is not limited to, developing highly cost effective surface facility system designs for EOR/IOR projects, both offshore and onshore, facilities debottlenecking, and operational trouble-shooting.

Our facilities and surface systems consultants work with our other EOR/IOR specialists/consultants, as part of our multi-disciplinary project teams, in designing and optimizing state-of-the-art facilities and surface systems for our clients' EOR/IOR projects, whenever requested.

To put our high-level and seasoned facilities and surface systems consultants to work on your challenging onshore and offshore EOR/IOR projects, around the world, please Contact Us.






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