Exploration and Appraisal of Offshore Assets and Prospects

Our consultants have been providing evaluations of exploratory prospects offered via bid rounds, farm in/out opportunities and data rooms visits, in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico in the United States, as well as in other countries (Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, South Caribbean, Angola, and Nigeria). These evaluations have included a full cycle economics for both gas and oil (including heavy and extra-heavy oil) accumulations in order to estimate the hydrocarbon volume of these prospects and translate that to a monetary value in case these prospects are developed. From the initial collection of data up to the final evaluation, A&A Consulting Team of high-level and seasoned consultants provides a notional field development plan (FDP) for the subsurface asset plus the type and sizing of facilities, subsea manifolds and export lines needed to evacuate the future production. The formations treated have included the main plays in the Gulf of Mexico (from Pleistocene to Lower Tertiary) up to the so called Pre-Salt area in Southern Brazil, varying from small accumulations to giant prospective areas.

Another important factor is the methodology we use. We are able to assemble and assign a multidisciplinary team of high-level and seasoned consultants, with expertise in geology, geophysics/seismic, petrophysics and reservoir engineering, drilling and facilities engineering, mechanical and structural engineering, as well as in topsides, very quickly. Our mulidisciplinary teams of high-level and seasoned consultants are capable of producing a quick turn around in a reasonable time frame and deliver a high quality technical evaluation that will be useful for investors, bankers, and regulatory agencies that are looking for an independent assessment of their oil and gas portfolio and opportunities.

To ensure that our clients are getting a reliable evaluation of their offshore exploratory and/or appraisal opportunities, A&A Consulting Team of high-level and seasoned consultants with extensive expertise in offshore prospect evaluation and appraisal are available to help our clients to:

(1) Analyze their exploratory and appraisal opportunities (including the ones offered via bid rounds or by farm in/out invitations),

(2) Assess the value of these opportunities providing their NPV, EMV and other economic parameters/indicators needed for the decision makers,

(3) Recommend notional field development plans (FDP) and evacuation routes for prospects situated on new plays or in areas where new technologies are required such as Lower Tertiary in the Gulf of Mexico or in the Pre-Salt play offshore Brazil,

(4) Supervise and create data rooms, on behalf of our clients,

(5) Conduct independent evaluations to validate our clients' previous evaluations,

(6) Make recommendations to improve capex and opex costs of future deepwater developments, based on our vast database of analogs/projects, and

(7) Search production analogs that can be used to calibrate a particular evaluation. We have access to huge sources of databases, libraries and online resources that can help our clients to find the information they are looking for to validate their assumptions.

Besides providing state-of-the-art consulting services for exploration and appraisal of offshore assets and prospects, the high-level and seasoned consultants of A&A Consulting Team conduct a customized state-of-the-art training workshop on the following topic for the benefit of our clients' professionals and managers, at our clients' offices, around the world, whenever mutually convenient:

  • Exploration and Appraisal of Offshore Assets and Prospects (one-week training workshop)

This customized state-of-the-art training workshop for our clients is an out growth of the public training course that our high-level and seasoned consultants volunteer their time and effort to teach for the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), whenever, and wherever, requested by the SPE:

To put the high-level and seasoned offshore resources evaluation, development and optimization consultants of A&A Consulting Team to work on your company's challenging offshore projects, around the world, please Contact Us.

Bi-lingual (English-Spanish) consultants are also available.


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