Field Development Planning (FDP) and Field Development Modeling (FDM) of Oil & Gas Fields


A&A Consulting Team of high-level and seasoned consultants is available to assist our clients in oil & gas field development planning (FDP) for operational and strategic decision making throughout different stages of field life, including acquisition, exploration, appraisal, and development.   

Field development planning (FDP) is a critical task representing a complex problem that depends on many factors subject to uncertainties inherent in the estimation process, such as subsurface geology, reservoir and fluid properties, rock and fluid interactions, well-type and surface equipment specifications, surface pipe line network, topside processing capacity, regional exporting infrastructure, and economic criteria.

Due to the complexity of the problem, many majors and independents face challenges in an attempt to build a dynamic field development planning (FDP) model that is capable of conveniently incorporating new information in a short time and meeting the project analysis cycle.

Building a robust field development planning (FDP) model faces many challenges, none of which are fully resolved, and it has become an ongoing concern in the industry as it poses great risks in conceptual field development planning (FDP), selection, and thus capital investment.

A&A Consulting Team of high-level and seasoned consultants has the expertise and experience in building FDP models to assist oil & gas company decision makers in making well-informed business decisions, and achieving their business objectives. To build FDP models, A&A Consulting Team uses a state-of-the-art software decision supporting tool (PetroVR) that enables the following: 

►  Generating a fully probabilistic assessment of conceptual field development (integrating subsurface geological uncertaintities with opetrational and economic uncertaintities).

►  Highly automated but flexible enough for customized studies of specific issues, and conveniently incorporating new information in a very short time.

►  Providing a systematic approach to help in the assessment of business outcomes/risks, and build a framework to better quantify key uncertainties.

►  Reservoir and well performance can be internally estimated, formulated with parameters, or imported directly from simulation.

►  Provide full-cycle economic analysis, and promote interdisciplinary teamwork.

►  Quickly and conveniently incorporating new understanding of reservoir and well performance, changes in development planning and schedules, and economic criteria.


A&A Consulting Team will be delighted to design customized field development plan (FDP) for your company’s oil & gas field [whether located on land or offshore (shallow water or deepwater)]. The scope and assessment will depend on the available data and status of the field, and could include:

  • A notional FDP (with limited field data availability), or
  • A ready to sanction FDP (with significant appraisal activity already conducted), or
  • An optimized FDP (optimization of your current FDP) to enhance reserves and production for infill and field extension wells.
  • A conceptual field development planning model (FDM) with risk and uncertainty modeling  

The depth and breadth of technical and economic expertise of A&A Consulting Team will be reflected in a comprehensive report of our investigation of your field development planning/modeling (FDP/FDM) project. The report will be customized to meet your company requirements, and, depending upon the amount and type of project data provided to us for investigation, will generally include the following:  

1.    Executive Summary

2.    Introduction

2.1    Development Summary

2.2    Location and Field Area

2.3    Equity and Stockholders

2.4    Applicable Regulatory Laws and Lease Conditions

3.    Subsurface Description

3.1    Introduction

3.2    History of Discovery and Appraisal

3.3    Stratigraphy and Reservoir Description

3.4    Seismic Interpretation

3.5    Petrophysical Interpretation

3.6    Reservoir Mapping / 3D Reservoir Modeling

3.7    Deterministic Hydrocarbons Initially-In-Place (HIIP, OIIP and OGIP)

3.8    Probabilistic Hydrocarbons Initially-In-Place

3.8.1     Unrisked HIIP (OIIP and OGIP)

3.8.2     Risked HIIP (OIIP and OGIP)

4.     Subsurface Development Plan

4.1    Fluid and Rock Properties

4.2    Development Scenarios and Well Count

4.3    Reservoir Simulation

4.3.1     Reference case

4.3.2     Sensitivities

4.4    Technical Recovery and Range

4.4.1     Deterministic  

4.4.2     Probabilistic

4.5    Production Profiles

4.6    Subsurface Risk and Uncertainty Mitigation

4.7    Reservoir Management and Surveillance Plan

5.     Project Economics

5.1    Drilling and Completions Costs

5.2    Facilities Cost

5.3    Economic Assumptions

5.4    Economic Analysis and Sensitivities

6.     Field Development Modeling (FDM) with Risk and Uncertainty Modeling

6.1    Building/Setting-up of full Field Development Models (FDM) using state-of-the-art software (PetroVR) that provides modules for field development planning (FDP) under uncertainty and post processing economic module which is flexible enough to model a wide range of dependencies

6.2    Economic Evaluation with Uncertainty Analysis (PEEP)


Whenever requested, we will be delighted to present the results of our investigation and the customized Field Development Plan/Model (FDP/FDM) for your company's oil & gas field, not only to your company's management, but also to your company's equity partners, and/or financial institutions, and/or the appropriate regulatory authorities, for their approval, and answer any questions that they may have on the customized FDP/FDM.


In addition, whenever requested, we will be delighted to conduct customized training workshops on designing field development plans (FDP), and building/setting-up field development models (FDM), for unconventional or conventional oil & gas fields, on land or offshore, for the benefit of your company’s professionals and managers, at your company’s offices, around the world.


To put the high-level and seasoned consultants, subject matter experts (SME), of A&A Consulting Team to work on your company's challenging on land or offshore field development planning (FDP), and field development modeling (FDM), projects, around the world, please contact us.  We could save your company Billions!




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