Nitrogen (N2) EOR/IOR Consulting


In addition to working on CO2 injection projects, A&A Consulting Team of high-level and seasoned consultants has extensive experience working on Nitrogen (N2) injection projects:

  • Many times when we determine that CO2 injection would be an ideal EOR scheme for one of our clients' oil reservoirs, but the client does not have the necessary CO2 supply available for injection, the client would normally ask us to evaluate the potential of injecting N2 vis-a-vis CO2. Our EOR consultants are experts in conducting N2 injection studies, just as they are experts in conducting CO2 injection studies, using state-of-the-art PVT/ compositional reservoir simulation.
  • Whevever our clients discover a retrograte gas-condensate or a volatile oil reservoir, first thing they want us to do is to investigate the desirability of operating the reservoir under a reservoir pressure maintenance scheme, to keep the reservoir pressure above the saturation pressure of the reservoir fluid (presssure maintenance). In case of rich retograde gas-condensate reservoirs and high-shrinkage volatile oil reservoirs, in order to maximize liquid hydrocarbon recovery, it is esssential that the reservoir pressure be kept above the saturation pressure of the reservoir fluid (presssure maintenance), and most commonly it is done by N2 or hydrocarbon gas injection, whichever is available and is cheaper. Our IOR consultants are experts in conducting N2 injection, as well as hydrocarbon gas injection, studies, using state-of-the-art PVT/ compositional reservoir simulation.


We can put teams of our high-level and seasoned N2 EOR/IOR consultants, with extensive experience in conducting reservoir simulation, facilities, and related studies, for N2 EOR/IOR project design, evaluation and optimization, to work on our clients’ N2 EOR/IOR projects, around the world, whenever required.


To find out how we can help your company on its NEOR/IOR project feasibility/ scoping studies, pilot-test design, evaluation and optimization, and field-wide project design, evaluation and optimization, as well as project surrveillance, around the world, please contact us.


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