Thermal EOR Consulting             


Avasthi Consulting is the oil field thermal EOR consulting company!

Since the seventies, several high-level and seasoned consultants of A&A Consulting Team have worked in thermal EOR project design, evaluation and optimization, of the major thermal EOR projects in California, Canada and other countries. Our consultants gained extensive experience working on all aspects of thermal EOR projects and are available to work on our clients' oil field reservoir engineering and simulation, facilities engineering and surface systems, and related, studies at our offices or at our clients' offices around the world.

Our consultants' extensive experience includes, but is not limited to, working on the following types of thermal EOR projects:

  •  Hot Water Injection,
  •  Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS),
  •  Steamflooding (SF),
  •  Steam Assisted Gravity Draining (SAGD),  
  •  SAGD with Air Injection,
  •  All types of In-Situ Combustion (ISC), and
  •  Electrical Heating.

In addition, our thermal EOR reservoir simulation experts have extensive experience in using STARS, CMG's thermal EOR reservoir simulator, and CMOST software, in conducting state-of-the-art reservoir simulation studies for building dynamic reservoir models with the objective of designing, evaluating, and optimizing thermal EOR projects for our clients' oil field assets.

Our high-level and seasoned thermal EOR consultants, subject-matter experts (SME), not only work on our clients' thermal EOR projects, but also conduct high-level customized hands-on training workshops on various thermal EOR topics, for the benefit of our clients, around the world, whenever mutually convenient:

  • Practical Engineering Aspects of Thermal EOR
  • Practical Engineering Aspects of Thermal EOR [with emphasis on Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) and Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand (CHOPS)]
  • Practical Reservoir Simulation Techniques for Designing, Evaluating and Optimizing Thermal EOR Projects

The outlines of these customizable training workshops are available on request.

In addition, our thermal EOR oil field consultants, volunteer their time and effort to teach a popular one-day public course on the topic of 'Practical Aspects of Thermal EOR', around the world, under the auspices of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), wherever and whenever requested by the SPE.

We can put teams of our high-level and seasoned thermal EOR consultants, with extensive experience in conducting reservoir engineering and simulation, facilities engineering and surface systems, and related studies, for designing, evaluating and optimizing thermal EOR projects, to work on our clients’ oil field projects, around the world, whenever required.

To find out how we can help your company on it's oil field thermal EOR project feasibility/ scoping studies, and pilot-test design, evaluation and optimization, around the world, please contact us.




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