EOR/IOR Field Pilot Testing

If EOR/IOR field pilot testing is new to your company, or your company needs help with its existing EOR/IOR field pilot tests, then we will be delighted to help with ALL aspects of your company's EOR/IOR field pilot testing projects.

The high-level and seasoned consultants of A&A Consulting Team have been working on designing, evaluating and optimizing EOR/IOR projects, to maximize oil production rate and recovery, since the early seventies, and have been involved in designing, conducting, analyzing, and interpreting, several EOR/IOR field pilot tests, as well as in operational aspects of EOR/IOR field projects. 

  • Designing EOR/IOR Field Pilot Tests 

o   Geological, Petrophysical and Seismic Interpretation

o   Original Oil In-Place (OOIP) and Original Gas In-Place (OGIP) Estimation

o   Reservoir Depletion and Development Strategy

o   Injection Planning and Management

o   Troubleshooting

  • Conducting EOR/IOR Field Pilot Tests 

o   Miscible CO2 Flooding

o   Immiscible CO2 Flooding

o   CO2 Huff-n-Puff

o   Chemical (Polymer) Flooding

o   Steam Flooding

o   Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) 

o   Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand (CHOPS) 

  • Modeling EOR/IOR Field Pilot Tests (using State-of-the-Art Simulation Technolgy)   
  • Analyzing EOR/IOR Field Pilot Test Data 
  • Interpretting EOR/IOR Field Pilot Tests
  • Optimizing EOR/IOR Field Pilot Tests (using Lessons Learned) 
  • Operational Aspects (Lessons Learned from Field Pilot Tests for Designing Field-wide Projects)
  • Scaling-up of EOR/IOR Pilot Test Results (to Field-wide Project Basis)
  • Designing Field-wide Projects (Based on the Lessons Learned/ Scale-up of EOR/IOR Pilot Tests)


In addition to providing consulting services to our clients for ALL apescts of EOR/IOR field pilot testing, our EOR/IOR consultants conduct high-level customized hands-on training workshops on EOR/IOR field pilot testing, and other related topics, for the benefit of our clients, around the world, whenever mutually convenient: 

  • EOR Technology Screening and Field Trials (Pilot Tests)
  • Practical Reservoir Surveillance and Management

The outlines of these, and other, customizable training workshops are available on request. 

We can put teams of our high-level and seasoned EOR/IOR consultants, with extensive experience in designing, conducting, analyzing, and interpreting EOR/IOR field pilot tests, to work on our clients’ EOR/IOR field pilot testing projects, around the world, whenever required.

To find out how we can help on your company's EOR/IOR field pilot testing projects, around the world, please contact us.


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