Emerging EOR Technologies and Challenges


Avasthi Consulting is the emerging EOR technologies consulting company!

Our high-level and seasoned EOR consultants stay abreast with all emerging EOR technologies in their areas of EOR expertise. With our consultants' extensive experience working on various types of EOR projects, we can help our clients with application of those emerging EOR technologies that have commercial application in oil fields.

Emerging Geological, Reservoir Engineering and Simulation, and IOR/EOR Challenges

With high rate of changing technologies and economic demands your company may be facing a specific, non-ordinary challenge, which may be non-standard use of existing technology or evaluation of new innovative process, or an extreme economical or environmental challenge. With our high-level and seasoned consultants' extensive worldwide project experience, A&A Consulting Team can help you find appropriate solution and head-on approach to that challenge.

Send your company's most challenging EOR/IOR projects to us, and let us find the most appropriate solutions for you!  

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