EOR/IOR Project Operations


If EOR/IOR projects are new to your company, or your company needs help with its existing EOR/IOR projects, then we may be able to help with EOR/IOR project operational aspects too!

The high-level and seasoned consultants of A&A Consulting Team have been working on EOR/IOR projects since the early seventies, and we can put together project teams that could help your company with all operational aspects of EOR/IOR projects including, but not limited to:

  • Full Field Review (FFR)

o   Geological, Petrophysical and Seismic interpretation

o   Original Oil/Gas in Place (OOIP and OGIP) estimation

o   Reservoir depletion and development strategy

o   Injection planning and management

o   Troubleshooting

  • Acquisition/Divestiture 

o   Cost forecasting

o   Reserve analysis – PDP, PUD, Probable

o   Valuation

  • Facilities 

o   Metallurgical / Material Selection

o   Corrosion

o   Automation analysis

o   Equipment optimization

o   Electrical system analysis

o   Efficiency

  • Production Optimization, Artificial Lift 

o   Selection of best methods (flowing, beam pump, submersible pump, gas lift, plunger lift, etc.)

o   Downhole corrosion and scale inhibition

o   Workover analysis and planning

  • Large Scale Project Management (Large and Small Scale) 

o   Pipelines

o   Field facilities

o   Gas Plants

o   Power plants

  • Operations Management

o   Depletion management

o   Cost analysis and monitoring

o   Day-to-day direction of field operations (by seasoned EOR/IOR Project Managers of A&A Consulting Team)


To find out how we can help on operational aspects of your company's EOR/IOR projects, please contact us.





Some A&A clients are looking for oil field candidates for CO2 flooding:

  • Near an adequate source of CO2.
  • Where the cumulative production from primary and secondary recovery exceeds 30 million barrels, and more than half of the production comes from the waterflood.
  • Where the crude oil gravity exceeds 25 degrees API.
  • Where only one operator operates the candidate oil field. However, if the oil field is large enough to be CO2 flooded in parts, a property within a larger oil field could make an acceptable acquisition or joint venture for A&A clients.


Other A&A clients are looking for CO2 source fields:

  • That are developmental in nature.
  • That will align with the oil field candidate locations.


While some other A&A clients are interested in:

  • Purchasing properties outright.
  • Creating partnerships to develop CO2 source fields and CO2 floods where A&A client would be the operator.
  • Forming joint ventures with existing owners where A&A client would become the operator. In these cases the existing owner would keep the PDPs net of production costs; A&A client would develop the CO2 flood and take all the production above the PDP decline and the existing owner would back-in after A&A client reaches payout.
  • Forming joint ventures with MLPs whereby the partnership purchases a property, the MLP takes the PDPs net of production costs and A&A client develops the CO2 flood, keeping all the production above the PDP decline. A&A client would then sell the developed reserves to the MLP with a pre-arranged valuation methodology.


If your company has an oil field candidate for COflooding, or a COsource field, and you will like to discuss the above then contact us



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