Chemical EOR Consulting


Avasthi Consulting is the oil field chemical EOR consulting company!

Several of our high-level and seasoned EOR consultants have been involved in chemical [polymer, alkali-surfactant-polymer (ASP), and surfactant-polymer (SP)] flooding EOR projects for a long time. With our consultants' extensive experience working on various types of chemical EOR projects, we can truly be called the chemical EOR consulting company! 

Polymer EOR Expertise of our Consultants:

In polymer EOR, water mixed with large molecules of polymer is injected into a reservoir with the purpose of changing the mobility ratio between water and oil, and push more oil from the reservoir to the wells.

The polymer EOR usually starts in laboratory tests. The numerical simulation of these tests provides data, such as, water oil relative permeability, polymer adsorption coefficients, accessible pore volume, residual resistance factor, and water viscosity as function of polymer concentration.

If a black oil type reservoir fluid description is available then the polymer EOR simulation studies are conducted using a black oil reservoir simulator (such as CMG's IMEX or ECLIPSE Core), but if a compositional type reservoir fluid description is available then a compositional reservoir simulator (such as CMG's STARS or ECLIPSE Compositional) can be used. Our consultants are experts in using all these simulators for conducting polymer EOR simulation studies, whether of laboratory tests or of field cases. Examples of our consultants' field polymer EOR simulation studies include, but are not limited to, the following:

1.   Forecasting and optimization of proposed polymer pilots for reservoirs in final stages of water flooding:

  • Very large European stratified reservoir.
  • Canadian sandstone reservoir with worm-holes created during production. A dual-permeability model was used to simulate effects of worm-holes. Use of tracer was simulated.
  • Faulted reservoir in Argentina.

2.   History matching and forecasting polymer EOR recoveries:

  • History matching existing polymer pilot and designing full field expansion for an Argentinian reservoir.
  • Imulation of laboratory tests, history matching of existing polymer pilot, sensitivity study and design and forecasting of full field polymer EOR project for a very heterogeneous and fractured Saskatchewan reservoir.

Our high-level and seasoned chemical EOR consultants, subject-matter experts (SME), are available to work on our clients' polymer (and other chemical) EOR project reservoir engineering and simulation, facilities engineering and surface systems, and related, studies at our offices or at our clients' offices around the world.

In addition to conducting chemical EOR engineering and simulation studies for our clients, our chemical EOR consultants conduct a high-level customized hands-on training workshop on polymer flooding, and other chemical EOR topics, for the benefit of our clients, around the world, whenever mutually convenient:

  • Practical Engineering Aspects of Chemical EOR, and Introduction to Microbial EOR

An outline of this workshop is available on request.

We can put teams of our high-level and seasoned chemical EOR consultants, with extensive experience in conducting reservoir engineering and simulation, facilities engineering and surface systems, and related studies, for designing, evaluating and optimizing, to work on our clients’ polymer flooding, and other chemical, EOR projects, around the world, whenever required.

To find out how we can help your company on it's chemical EOR project feasibility/ scoping studies, pilot-test, and field-wide project, design, evaluation and optimization, around the world, please contact us.


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